I think we all think about what if before our children are born. What if they aren’t healthy? What if they are missing a limb? What if…..? What if they are born with Down Syndrome? What will I do? How will I deal with it? Am I able to parent a child with such needs? I know that I especially worked through these questions with adoption as we ticked off little check boxes saying what we were willing to consider. We could request a “perfect” child if we wished. We were told that we would be surprised how many did just that; requested the “perfect” child I mean. I hated filling out that form, what it stood for. And yet, I was still afraid of what all the checked yes could mean and I won’t deny that in my heart I felt that checking no would be easier. But I knew that strength would come in the areas that I needed and that whoever the child was, we would be blessed by them.
I had never heard of Reece’s Rainbow at that point and while I knew the sadness of orphanages in many countries, I didn’t really know know that in far too many places children were tossed away because of an extra Chromosome 21. Now I have read the stories, seen the pictures and my heart has been broken. But there is still hope. There are those still fighting for these little ones, there are still those longing to make them part of their family, and there are many ways to help.

My friend Krista, at One Beautiful Life, is one of those advocates. If you read her blog, you will quickly see that she is passionate about speaking for these children. And she is asking for our help to bring one little boy Bennett home to his family. So please, check out her blog to learn how you can help and to see the give-away (that I am part of) that she is doing as part of helping this special little boy who is just one of so many.

One Beautiful Life: A Giveaway for World Down Syndrome Day!

One Beautiful Life: A Giveaway for World Down Syndrome Day!: “For just over a year after Ella was born I contemplated my role as an advocate. I knew that I needed to be one but I wasn’t really sure why….”