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We began early on a Saturday morning. I had planned to have everything ready before every one else arrived, but didn’t quite make that goal. However, very quickly we had everything set up in stations and got right to work.

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Some cut out the pieces while others sewed.

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Some of us had our little ones there. Sometimes they played, some times they needed mama to take a break. Sometimes one of the other mamas took a turn playing with a little one.

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And the day flowed on. We worked, laughed and chatted. And together we made pads for girls who need them. We didn’t make as many as we (maybe just I) had planned and we will sew more another day. And I would say it was a successful and productive day.

Some of us didn’t sew or cut out anything at all. I have been saying that this is a project that draws women in because we can all relate. We all know what it means to have our monthly cycle. And we would rather not imagine what it would mean to have no supplies for it each month. But there were others who took part as well.

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Some of the daddies stayed home with the little ones. One ran errands. One prepared snacks and made lunch for us all. And helped with clean up.

I love that this is how life truly works. Caring for each other. Using the gifts we have been given. Sharing of ourselves. Working together. Giving to those who have a need. Receiving from others when we have a need. Loving because we have been loved. It’s beautiful, I think.

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We ended up with about 300 pads that then traveled by suitcase with a friend of mine who was going back to Uganda.

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