I don’t tend to complain much about the weather. First, because I really want to have a thankful heart and secondly, because if I start to complain my conscience usually reminds me of weather situations that are much worse. And really, I usually just keep myself occupied so that I don’t really have time to think about it.
I will say though, that the past few weeks of winter seem to have gone on forever, making it seem like spring was merely a dream. And then the glorious warmth and beautiful sun came to visit both yesterday and today. Spring has come.

Little friends on a morning walk

Bike riding besties!









I had forgotten how nice it was to take multiple walks during the day without bundling up. It is lovely to splash through mud puddles and to ride the run bike and push the stroller on a clear sidewalk. After dinner the girls played outside with their daddy and the sun is only just beginning to go down now after 7:30. I feel renewed energy and life flowing through me even though I didn’t take my usual (lately anyways) short nap while the girls are napping. So, I am not complaining, but I love, love, LOVE spring!