We have packing boxes and rubber maid containers in our living room and bedrooms. One room has been designated to be the boxed and ready room. I am eager and wishing that we were leaving next week. I am sad and already missing our dearest friends here. It’s a little knifing ache in my chest that has joined the one of leaving my family.  Yet I am so excited for the life and adventure ahead. So full of dreams.

Our new home on the East Coast

As I was sorting clothing today, I went through Cecily’s little box of preemie clothing that she wore for the first six weeks of her life and I can’t believe how tiny each little sleeper is. Or that she was swimming in them to begin with. And then to realize that the clothing that I packed away last summer for Aneliese will be worn by Cecily this summer. Time moves fast.

And in the midst of trying to live life here, plan for life in Nova Scotia with details like selling our car, buying a truck and trailer, house insurance, house buying, I have been wanting to blog. To share several recipes. To talk about literacy and books that I love. To write about some of life. And there just isn’t time. But we still have time for Friday night Nachoes.

Friday Night Nachoes

Fresh Salsa, Guacamole and Bean dip (all from Scratch)