Even when boxes must be packed, papers and more papers (3 copies of each set) must be signed, and details must be cared for, there is every day life that must happen. My girls still need my attention, my husband still needs a close hug and a listening ear, and I still need to work on being patient, on being consistent, on being motivated to keep my house clean. And then there are the little things like grinding up almonds to make a cake.

Soaking the almonds over night

Removing all the skins after they have soaked

20 minutes later...

Ready to be ground after a good roast in the oven at 180

Someday in the not too distant future, I hope to have one of these http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/9-Tray-Large-Excalibur-with-26-hour-Timer-3926T-28-37-regular-prod.htmfor deyhdrating, making yogurt, and all kinds of fun things…..anyways. Once they are dry, my little coffee grinder that I received second hand from a friend and I get to work.

Grinding a bit at a time, then sifting it and then regrinding. Grinding,sifting and regrinding.

At the end only a very little bit doesn't end up fine. Thanks little coffee grinder.

Now you may be asking why I don’t just buy almond meal. I don’t buy it because the four cups that I ground up would cost more than twice as much. I can find time more easily than pennies. And really the part where I am actively working is minimal. Also then I can soak them and make it more digestible. And I don’t always take the skins off nor do I always grind it so fine. But for a cake I will do it.