Its final. The money has left our account. We are moving. Today the paper work is complete and we are the happy if a little overwhelmed owners of a 2,700 square foot, 113 year old duplex home on 7.5 acres. It’s complete with two brooks, a pasture, marsh, and wooded area. And a mud room. I have always wanted a mud room. On June 1st we will leave this little Alberta town to drive some 5000 kms. to just outside of a little town in Nova Scotia. Our house needs some work so our summer will have plenty of renos in it that will require financial creativity. We will be buying many five gallon buckets of paint.
We plan on starting our little farm with some chickens, maybe even this summer. And slowly we will save to buy a cow. That’s why we need a mud room; that is where our choring clothes will go.

I am so excited to settle with the intention of staying for a while. I think that we may even have a ceremonial box burning after we unpack! I love adventure and I love traveling, but I really just love home. Even now as our boxes wait to be filled, I keep putting it off….not because I am not excited but because I hate to pack the pictures and the little things that are special to us. Right now my house is honestly so untidy that packing is really the best thing that I could do and I keep telling myself that I am going to just dive in and go for it. But I keep thinking that just for one more day I am going to hang on to the homey feeling of our house here, however chaotic it is. I know that home is not about things, it is about the people I love and the people who love me (to quote an old children’s story) and so I really just need to make myself start filling those boxes so that in the last day I am not throwing things madly into whatever box . Now to just put my words into action!