This will be a random post on scattered thoughts running through my brain.
Random Point #1:

7 sleeps before we leave for Nova Scotia. Never mind that it is many more before we actually get there, Aneliese can only count so high. If our house was chaotic last week it is even more so this week. But the packed boxes are growing and I keep not being able to find things which is a sure sign that they are being packed away. Now I am not sure why this move seems so much more challenging than the others; maybe because now we have two small children to work around and who like to unpack boxes, turning those boxes into slides or boats or whatever else their imaginations come up with. It might be because I have never packed while in the first trimester of pregnancy. Or it might be that I don’t have a mama and sisters here. Whatever the reason, I cannot WAIT for it to be done and to have everything loaded into the trailer.

Anyways. Random Point # 2:

I am also in the process of weaning Cecily. Neither of us are enjoying it. I didn’t have to wean Aneliese because when I was about five months pregnant, she just stopped and that was it. With Cecily though, she has no desire to stop and it just hurts way too much. I wish that I could just tough it out and keep going but over the last couple of days I know that I can’t. It hurts so much and makes me so mad when she uses her teeth that it is not good for either of us. So last night and this morning, I tried cuddling her while giving her a bottle and although she has always refused a bottle, it seemed to satisfy her bonding need. Just cuddling never does because she just cries. I am sure that there is some great info out there on how to gently wean your toddler while pregnant but the one time that I found time to look brought me to a blog advocating nursing your toddler with the statement that is doesn’t hurt. Humph.

Random Point # 3:

And Dan is amazing. I am pretty sure that he got up in the middle of the night to do a load of laundry so that I could get it packed today. And I will readily admit that most of the boxes packed are from him. And he is incredibly patient when we are supposed to be packing and I fall asleep on the couch instead.

Random Point # 4:

Spending the morning to my dear Mom Time Out friends was completely refreshing. Funny how knowing that you are loved and supported can make even a chaotic house less overwhelming.

Random Point #5:

I have so many people that I want to spend time with before we leave but I don’t even know where to start.

Random Point #6:

I want to see people one last time or maybe two or three, but I hate saying good bye. I like see you later much better so sometimes I actually like planning on see some one again and then it not working out because then I don’t have to say good bye. So if we do see each other could we just pretend that we are going to see each other again the next day?

And I am wondering, is it still only seven sleeps if I continue to take multiple naps because if I could add those in, we have lots of time!