My sweet Aneliese is having a tough time these days. She is so very sensitive and the chaos that our house is in plus seeing every thing being put into boxes is very hard for her even though she understands that it means it will all be coming with us. Since our trip to BC last week, she has been so emotional and that often shows up in tears over “unimportant things” or acting out in inappropriate ways such as the yelling, stomping way, or whining/whimpering incessantly or my personal favorite of spitting (not at anyone, just on her chin; she calls it drinking her spit). I have always determined to myself that I will not make excuses for my kids’ behaviour to others but it just makes my heart sad because I have a hard time helping her and being patient with her. A couple of emails from a friend yesterday reminded me how much Aneliese can always relate to books and so I went to the library armed with a long list of titles for children’s books about leaving ones old home and moving to a new one. Not ONE of books were in nor could I find any in town. I was so disappointed because I think it would really help her and I know that I should have taken care of it when I thought about it several weeks ago; I could have even done a little book about us moving and how we felt. Our move just seemed so far away then. We talk about the excitement and the changes; what will happen, where we will go, and all of that but how do you help a three year old express their emotions, grief and fears? I am just not good at it because I am not good at expressing them myself.
I know that she will get through it and that the main thing is us continuing to be patient and loving but I just long to make the transition a little smoother for her and I am not really sure how.

I love you, sweet girl