It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words but there are some things that even the most amazing photographer cannot capture. They are moments that must be savored and then stored within ones heart even after the mind can no longer see them.
Today was filled with such moments as Aneliese and I spent the day with just the two of us. A day that I think both she and I needed.

I had actually planned on taking pictures of some of the things that we did together but didn’t realize that my camera battery was dead. But still, I captured moments that I would have otherwise missed.

I smiled as she exuberantly hugged a special friend; no camera could know that those little arms are very careful of sharing hugs. I admired as the sun brought life to blond, copper, and brown strands of hair as it shone on her little head bent of tiny rocks at the playground. My heart snapped a shot of a little beam of sunshine wearing a bright yellow shirt with a massive flower hood crouched in a field of dandelions picking them for daddy and Cecily. I laughed as I watched her skip/run down the sidewalk, arms waving and hair blowing wildly. I relaxed as we sat in a random spot while she made up songs and I didn’t move until she got up and began walking. It would have been nice to have taken a picture of the face that she made as she gave up trying to blow dandelions that weren’t ready; instead she just scrunched her little nose and popped the tops off, but the image in my mind makes me smile. We sat on a picnic bench and slowly enjoyed the sweet summery flavor of cherries. And my hand gently squeezed as her little hand slipped into mine while she looked up at the sky and quietly said “it’s a nice day.” Oh it was a nice day, a day of light and deep breaths, and a day of loving my girl.