We are in the midst of our second day of our journey and I have figured out one thing; I do not like road trips! At least not ones that are going to last several long days .  Having said that, it actually has been going relatively well. The girls have been little troopers, we were able to have lunch with old friends and then spend the night with other friends who we have really missed. Today has gone well. Unless you count the adventure where we got turned around because of flooding and our trailer got stuck in mud (almost) to the axles.  But that ended well as the friendly RCMP officer directing traffic from the flood radioed another policeman who had a 4X4 who pulled us out in a jiffy. Only a half hour lost.  Now the girls are napping for the second time and the wind that has been blowing against us the entire way seems to have died some.
Lessons learned:

  1. Add an  extra hour or two than what the actual driving time is.
  2. Have a small cooler with a variety of “healthy” snacks  readily available (they ward off boredom well).
  3. Juice pouches instead of juice boxes because (a) they don’t spill, (b) they can be frozen and used instead of ice packs in the cooler,  and (c) they have entertainment value after being emptied.
  4. Rhymes and Songs preformed by Mama will make the last painful hour go much faster.

One more day of straight driving and then one day of visiting!