Day 3: On to Ontario!


Happy Travelers sleeping soundly

Adventure: Stopping at a lovely park on a beautiful lake to play and have lunch. It began to sprinkle as we were just beginning lunch making us decide to head to a shelter just in case. Within minutes the rain began to pour down followed by hail. Mostly kind of fun!

Highlight: Our girls happily playing and chatting while we drove for the many hours. There were only a couple of brief times of unhappiness and we were so thankful!

Our little troopers!

Best toy of the day: Magnetic ballerina with multiple changes of clothes; Aneliese spent so much time dressing and arranging the clothing by colors.

Saw:  1 deer, multiple beaver house, 4 moose (2 ladies and 2 gents), and one sad little beaver hanging on a pole by the railroad track:(.

Last night and today: Spent the day catching up with our good friends. Dealt with many tired and unhappy meltdowns from our little three year old. It is sad and frustrating and sometimes I just don’t know what to do.

Tomorrow: On the road again for a nine hour day and I am not quite ready.