I won’t lie. I am so very very ready to be home. We all are. It doesn’t matter how much you love people or enjoy being with them, a different place to sleep every night and different (new faces for the girls) people to catch up with every day is draining. But we are getting closer and since we have had the flu, lost (and found) a large sum of money, lost (and still not found) our keys to unlock the hitch to our trailer which is currently not hooked to our truck, I think that once we hit the road again the last days will go quickly….I hope. But yes, we do need to find those keys.
These are some of the highlights of our time in Ontario, there have been others but mostly we haven’t taken pictures plus my brain is moving into sleep mode.

sweet friends up early together!

Loving throwing rocks into Lake Superior!

We climbed down a steep trail to get here but it was so worth it.

Aneliese finding the largest possible rocks to toss.

Only my toes made it into pictures this day because this was flu day for me so I felt and looked awful! But the picnic was lovely.

Sisters splashing together.

Happy girl at her first splash park of the summer; made even better by being with her cousins!

Such fun that horrified cousin Leah:)