Never did find those keys. So Dan sawed off the lock rather than paying over 100 dollars for a locksmith. And we started on our journey eastward once again. After an uneventful 12.5 hour day, the girls ran around our hotel room and *ahem* maybe bounced on the beds. Cecily is now in dreamland in the bathroom, Daddy is reading Emily and Daisy to Aneliese which is her current favorite book because she can’t wait to have a cow so that she can shoo flies while I milk. And we get to catch the last period of the Canucks game on tv!
We are in Quebec, just outside of Quebec City, my first time in this part of the country. It’s interesting to be in the French speaking part of Canada  and I wish that I were brave enough to try out my very weak French but I am not. And I keep seeing so many things that I would love to see and explore but no time.

Today was pretty intense driving plus it rained so we didn’t even find a park (thank you Quebec Information Center for having a little play ground) but now tomorrow should be a little more relaxed as we move into the home stretch. Taking on New Brunswick!