We are slowly moving into a rhythm here in our country home. The girls have actually been going to sleep at about 8 rather than all crazy hours of the night and they both slept through last night! They are both still pretty clingy during the day and get upset more easily than normal but are also having lots of fun.

Picnic lunch on the veranda

Their new favorite place to play is on the veranda so we close of the steps and they run back and forth, just playing hard. Tonight Cecily was playing out there and when I walked out she said,” Ceci, happy!”

In the reno’ing and unpacking front, well, sometimes it is hard to know where to even start. We are living on the side that will become the guest house while we do what needs to be done in the side that we will live in. So it kind of made do style although I am hoping to get our clothes out of suitcases tomorrow. I’m thankful for the built-in drawers right now since we have no dressers.

And for me, the lonely has set in. I knew it would and was as prepared as I could be but that doesn’t make it easy. It’s not so much specifically wanting to see some one or have friends (though there are many people that I am missing right now) as it is knowing that we are alone. That life just continues on for the people that we have left and that people here have their lives that don’t yet include us. But don’t think that this is a pity party because really it’s not and I am okay. It is a natural part of venturing out and we will find our groove, but in the mean time there is the ache of change.

And yet, we are not completely alone because our only friends have welcomed us and already we have enjoyed spending time together again. Our little girls are becoming friends and it helps Aneliese even though she is missing too.

Places to run and explore.

And so a glimpse of life as I see it today.