It has occurred to me that I not only have one house to completely redo but two. No, the coral colored walls and floral wall paper are not staying. This means I have lots of idea churning around in my head but honestly I am kind of getting tired of searching online for inspiration. So I am turning to you my creative and inspiring readers and friends. Do you have some links of ideas that you would be willing to share? *Note: most links I share are very magazine-like and I am not going for that look so if you know a blog or link that is less magazine please share.*
I will give you a bit of an idea of the direction that I am headed. We want a farm house kitchen; clean, warm, cheery and very welcoming. I think I have decided on the green of the first link for the bottom cupboards with white/cream open shelving on the top. With wooden butcher block type counter tops. Would that look good or am I crazy? We have white appliances and are still trying to find an old cast iron farm sink. We have all plank floors that likely need to be painted but I am stumped on a color.

Aneliese would like a yellow room but I don’t want it to be pastel or too bright…any suggestions? I want their room to be peaceful but happy. I thought maybe this link of yellow with green floors?

And how about a space conserving guest room idea? Murphy bed?

And lighting…right now we just have bare bulbs and I don’t like a lot of the modern stuff, it doesn’t seem to go.

Anyways, I would love to hear what you think and to see any links that you might have. We are on a pretty minimal budget but if I have ideas, I can usually make the funds stretch.

Edit: If you happen to use Pinterest, you can also just pin on my house ideas board…I think…I don’t know how to use it that well but it has been great for collecting ideas.