On today, Canada’s birthday, we joined our little town in celebrating. Once Aneliese heard that people wore red, it was her mission to see that we were all properly attired. I thought she was the only one without a red shirt but it worked out perfectly!

Wearing red!

We discovered upon our early arrival that things really don’t start until the appointed time if not after so that gave us time to walk to the boat park where the girls love to play.

This girl loves to swing, although she just started using the "big" swing.

Something that we have learned about this little town, is that we have a town crier; that is a gentleman who dresses in traditional loyalist attire, rings a bell and makes proclamations. He started off the day by making a proclamation of celebration, followed by raising the flag and of course singing O Canada which Aneliese had learned but they were both to awestruck too do more than wave their little flags at the end!

Our Town Crier

The free food that was offered was decidedly not gluten free so I had packed a little picnic lunch which we enjoyed at Fort Anne with the other celebrators.

Free admission to Fort Anne and the girls (esp. Aneliese) loved Parka the beaver!

A perfect day and place to fly a kite; thanks, Park Canada!

Cecily's turn

As the girls’ eyelids grew heavy, we headed home for naps where we all had one! Then it was cupcake time since nothing at park was Aneliese friendly. With little fresh jersey cream and happy little eggs collected this morning from our very own chickens, they turned so well that Dan said you would never know they were GF. And after a supper of roasted veggies and almond crusted chicken strips, we all enjoyed them.

Lemon-y Cupcakes; and I love the little cuddles and kisses the background.

Mmm, cupcakes! These are rarer than rare around our house!

Canada Day supper on our veranda

After all the activity, I was about ready to make an early night of it, but instead we headed back to town for our first ever street dance! No pictures but the girls had fun listening to the live music and watching the dancing; they even were brave enough to dance a bit :). We didn’t make it until the fireworks, which I can hear going off as we speak, but it was a full and fun day. Events like this help make us feel more like this is our home and give a sense of community.

For much of the day I just kept thinking how blessed we are in the country of ours. All in one day, my daughters played freely in a clean well-kept park filled where all are welcome, we walked the streets peacefully, we had special treats, we were offered small gifts with no strings attached, and we enjoyed supper on a calm and quiet porch. Our country is not perfect by any means but we have much to be thankful for. And Happy Birthday Canada!