We left our wedding at my parents house in my brothers old truck; my dad had to do some tinkering the week before to get it going but it was important to me have a little part of him on my wedding day. We laughed and talked as we headed to my sister’s where our car was parked. Our laughter turned nervous as we began to go down the steep, narrow and winding hill not far past my parents place; John’s hill as it is known. Dan realized that each time he touched the brakes, the truck veered sharply to the left side where a steep cliff met the river below. We quickly realized that the only thing we could do was let the truck go and Dan would just keep it on the road while praying that we didn’t meet anyone coming up. I told Dan that I was hoping not to die on my wedding day!
Now six years later, obviously we made it to the bottom, that incident is somewhat symbolic of our life these past years. Life has been pretty unexpected. There have been things that we had no control over and so we just rode them out. And we have laughed a lot. Sometimes out of pure joy and humor, often because our two little blessings are so funny or cute, and at other times because that seemed like the only thing we could do. Such as the other night when we were trapped by a skunk which we had accidentally trapped. And there have been times when the laughter has come hard; where it has been mixed with tears and deep sobs from within.

We never expected marriage to be easy and not surprisingly it hasn’t been. But, I had no idea how much richer my life would be. I had no idea that I would be so happy with, that I would be so challenged by, that I would be so encouraged by the man I married six years ago.

Our honeymoon in PEI

Celebrating six years with a beach picnic for two!

Kissin' on the beach!