Dare I admit it? Oh alright. I had one of those days. With a toddler, we would call it a meltdown. Are mama’s allowed meltdowns? It has been creeping up for the past few days. Now before I go further, I am embarrassed by it and I feel like most other mamas I know handle the day in day out better than I do. Anyways, my meltdown looked like me trying to fold clothes while some liquid stuff rolled down my cheeks and  dripped off of my chin. This doesn’t happen with me much so my sensitive husband knew it was time to bundle two little ones off with him while he went to fiddle at the market. I took a nap. Later, we ate strawberries and cream for lunch after which the girls took a nap and I, at Dan’s gentle prompting, a walk. One of the nice (although occasional) things about a work from home husband. And really, the walk is the real point of my post. I walked up behind our property and on a road that our kind neighbors have said we are welcome to walk on. It is beautiful. I can’t infuse the scent of the roses and trees, or play the various bird songs, and I wasn’t quick enough to capture pictures of the butterflies. But here are some glimpses.

Our freshly mowed field; our neighbor is doing it in exchange for hay.

wild roses growing along our little stream

Our lane that meets up with our neighbor's road

Beautiful fragrant little roses that I have never seen before.

I love wild roses so much more than domestic ones; they are exquisite in their simplicity

An oak tree that will hopefully drop many acorns for me this fall!

some kind of fern

a winding road...

Saskatoon Berries that will make a tasty pie once ripe.

field daisy

tiny snapdragons

In case you needed reassurance that I did in fact take this walk:)!

a viola that I almost missed. This is my favorite color of flower. It was a gift to see.

And that half hour walk was a refreshing breath. I would never ever trade being home with my girls.  I am glad that they need me and I don’t want to miss this time with them. But, the biggest adjustment for me as a mama has been giving up quiet times to just wander. I have always enjoyed walking through the bush looking at plants and flowers, listening to the sounds of the forest, and enjoying solitude.