Strawberry feast!

What making jam in our house looks like. Clean up and prep every thing. Pause to look at two birds perching on the clothes line which have the girls ecstatic. Cut a few tops off, wonder why it is so silent, call for girls, hear a little voice upstairs saying, “I’m on the toilet and I need to be wiped.” Comfort second child who fell, realize that she needs her diaper changed. Wipe, change diaper, get Cecily dressed and send Aneliese to get dressed. Wash hands. Start decapitating strawberries again and think perhaps I should have gotten one flat instead of four. Remember I haven’t drank my broth yet. Encourage mostly naked child to get dressed. Slice some more. Open door that Cecily keeps shutting. Again. Slice a few. Help Cecily who has gotten herself in a situation. Again. Drink broth. Decapitate strawberries that look really small now. Go find shorts for the now half-dressed child. Oh, the baby is pushing on my bladder. Again. Maybe we will have jam next spring.