I can hardly believe it; we have been here for over a month. In some ways it feels like forever and in others as if we just arrived. Molly has already worn a path around the house as she patrols to make sure that all is well. Our chickens have made themselves at home and the girls have rediscovered their tub of toys.
Mentally, I feel a little scattered right now so if my writing style is a little scattered that is because it is honestly representing me right now.


A few glimpses of our life today.

– The girls have settled better than I could have ever hoped. Aneliese has had a couple of rough days which I also have to remind myself seems to come with the three year old territory. But, for the most part they are happy and so busy playing. They entered this whole new stage of play where they have so much fun together. So often I peak around the corner or out the door to see them sitting close together playing with stickers or dishes or something just chatting away to each other. We try to do things with just one or the other somewhat regularly, but they miss each other so much.

A boat or a car that takes them to the grocery store or market or flea market

– And do they ever eat these days! I can hardly keep up. They wake up ready for breakfast (just like their mama), then need a snack before lunch, then a hearty lunch with a snack right after nap only to chow down on dinner. And little bits of fruit and vegetables in between. I’m not sure what happened but I do know that food disappears fast from our fridge these days.

Look, Beth!

– -Renovations on our house are coming…slowly.  Our kitchen is now torn out and we are slowly gathering what we need to put the new one together. Some of the fun things are; a massive old sink that was refinished and then not usable by a man who is turning an old church building into a house, a big old table which is going to come apart so that the top can be turned into the top of our island, and old industrial/barn lights that are going to light our kitchen and dining room. The not so fun things are things like the 50 bazillion screws needing to be removed for the plywood covering the floor underneath. So maybe it is only a 1000 or so but still, a lot.

– Dan is getting opportunity to do more with his music here and that makes me so happy. Already he and his violin are becoming known and he has been able to play with some fun people.

Playing and dancing at farmers market







– Cecily has been potty learning for the past few days. This is not without accidents, but she is getting there. She has shown signs of readiness, including asking to go on the potty, for a while but I just haven’t been ready which means I sort of missed the golden window. But I finally decided to bite the bullet and remove the diapers except for sleep and outings. Always a stretch in patience for me, but basically my response to the idea that she is too young or that I am just training myself is that she seems to be happy without the diapers and I have to discipline myself to change diapers so why not just switch it to helping go on the potty especially now that she is completely weaned.

Dollies need to learn how to use the potty too.









– It has come. I was asked if I could manage to carry my three small bags of groceries to my vehicle after the cashier noticed my baby belly. And that only two days after the first time some one has noted that I am pregnant without me telling them.

– And one last note; I closed my facebook account. Deleted it. For various reasons, but the most simple explanation is that while it can be a great tool which I have appreciated, it falls under the term “that ship has sailed”. Meaning that it’s original purpose for me has been lost and had begun filling places that I didn’t wish it to.

And that is a little of us as we are right now.