As I mentioned in my last post, food has been disappearing rapidly lately. Growing bodies make for hungry tummies it seems. This also means that I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about food! These are some of the things we have been enjoying lately.
* While it may not look like a lot of meat on this list, we actually do eat meat daily. I will admit though that while we enjoy meat, we actually tend to be more about the sides.

Small Japanese Turnips, sautéed in butter and garlic. (Cecily especially enjoyed them and kept asking for more): these are nice because they aren’t as strong flavored.

Beet Greens lightly sautéed with butter and garlic or with a raspberry balsamic reduction (Aneliese is the one who is into the beet greens).

Chicken and Green Salad: I mention this one because of the interesting salad mixes we have been getting at the market lately, not just a variety of lettuce, but beet leaves, pea vines, “weeds”, and other interesting things! Sometimes just with cucumber, tomato, carrots with a garlic balsamic dressing, other times with some fruit, goat cheese, and maple toasted walnuts with a honey balsamic dressing.

Beets cooked in water until almost soft and then barbequed in a balsamic reduction made with fresh raspberries or orange sauce.

Hot Potato Salad (key ingredient: bacon)

Burgers with quinoa “buns” ( I think I have posted this link before but this is a very versatile quinoa flatbread)

Quinoa Salad with chopped vegetables, herbs and white balsamic vinegarette: this one has had everything from finally chopped beets and carrots to tomatoes and cucumbers and avocados with cilantro or parsley or basil (you get the idea)

Tomato Cucumber Salad: this one is similar to the above but has a lemon dressing and lots of onions. Sometimes a little feta tossed in.

Coleslaw: cabbage, carrots, apples, nuts, cranberries with a quick and easy home-made dressing. Simple and old fashioned but so satisfying (and I don’t have to worry about a nursing baby right now)

Basil Tuna Salad with quinoa wraps (same recipe as quinoa buns just thinner with dried herbs added.)

Devilled Eggs: another old-fashioned summer delight that is so easy.

Well, that is all that I can think of right now. Please, share some of your meal ideas. What are some summer meals you enjoy? I would love to hear some fresh thoughts.

Where almost all of our meals are eaten these days; by no means a fancy setting but completely pleasant regardless. We found a little table in our basement, use the girls chalk table (good thing I have another bottle of chalk paint), and we have a great outdoor eating nook! (Thanks for the picture Lola)

What would you make with these ingredients? Recipe to come when I get the chance.