Sometimes I feel so busy that it is easy to *almost* forget that there is a little one growing inside. I don’t actually ever forget but I don’t have as much time to be actively thinking about my pregnancy this time around! But as I move further into the second trimester, wee one is making him/herself known. If my belly button comes out much further it is going to turn into a hernia (I actually almost burnt in on pan today), most jeans now need to be worn unbuttoned with a bella band, I need to use the bathroom insane amounts, and I am mostly convinced that I actually look pregnant now rather than having a paunch. *Edit* When I was writing this last week, I was only sort of looking pregnant, this week, there is little doubt.

Growing, growing









Aneliese loves to check to see if I have a big belly yet and both girls love to rest their heads on me to give baby snuggles and kisses.

Best of all, there is movement! A little flutter over here, a little tumble on that side, a slightly firmer nudge over there. I love it. I love this baby. Last night as we laid in bed and watched the little rolls and slight nudges and as I felt the little flutter kicks, I was awed once more that there is this little life growing within. I feel so unprepared in many ways to mama three small children and yet, I can not wait to meet this child and to welcome him/her into our daily lives.

17/18ish weeks, I have a hard time keeping track.


Retro artsy; and just for the record, my belly looks much bigger to me when I look down at it!