Before we moved, I was faithfully exercising, drinking nettle tea and chicken broth, and eating all the “right” stuff to help my growing babe and to keep myself healthy. I was determined to keep working out while traveling but I didn’t realize how hectic that would be. My broth didn’t keep for the whole trip and I was too nauseous to even think about drinking it most of the time anyways. Now though, I am determined to get back on track.  I want both wee one and I to be healthy and to give the baby the best chance to grow and develop well. And I also would like to deliver naturally without drugs rather than having another caesarean. I think it will be a challenge so I want to prepare my body well in advance.
And so the broth is again being drunk daily and I have joined raspberry leaf tea (RLT)to the nettle tea. I drank RLT with my other pregnancies and I know many others who do as well. I like to start drinking it in the second trimester and then continue after the wee one is born. One reason that many drink it is because it is believed to help tone the uterus which then assists in labour and recovery of the uterus post-labor. Then there are the nutrients provided by RLT. It is believed to be a source of:

Vitamin A
Vitamin B-complex
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Fragrine (uterus toning)
Accessible calcium and iron                            

This is a website that gives a decent summary of the components RLT, while this one gives a summary of its benefits. There is also other information to be easily found as well.

For me, I find that when I drink it (and chicken broth) regularly, I have more energy during the day. I also don’t feel as constantly hungry and it helps with the dizziness that I tend to experience during pregnancy. Usually, I have just bought it because I either didn’t have access to leaves or it was the wrong season, but this time around, I am harvesting my own.

A helper on the hunt! We actually ended up with some blackberry leaves here, but no big deal.

Cecily wanted to help collect but tended to get sidetracked by pulling leaves out.

Drying on a old screen for a few days; it is so humid here that I did the last bit of drying on a low heat in the oven for a few minutes.

Once dry, it is time to enlist two little helpers again!

Because crunching leaves is fun!

























I try to drink several cups a day, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes in the pot….a few hours old. And sometimes, I get sick of drinking it so i have been tossing in a few mint leaves when I let it steep or a dab of honey to my cup to shake it up a little. Usually I just get a pot or jar going every day and just keep tossing in a handful of leaves when adding water.

Enjoying the fruit that goes along with raspberry leaves!

And did I mention that this and nettle tea are great to drink even when not pregnant?

I know that many of my friends and readers also drink Raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy and regularly, so please, feel free to share your thoughts.