The day that Aneliese discovered our blueberry bushes with ripening berries she immediately knew that those berries must be picked using their little tin bucket. Just like one of our favorite books; Blueberries for Sal! A few days ago, after several hot, hot summer days, the blueberries were ripe. As I watched Cecily picking berries, I knew that Robert McCloskey must have watched a small child berry picking before writing that story!

"Little Sal picked three berries and dropped them in her little tin pail...kuplink, kuplank, Kuplunk!"

...And then....

"she picked three more berries and ate them...and dropped one in the pail, kuplunk!"

"Little Sal ate all four blueberries out of her pail!"

















We did actually end up filling the little bucket almost full…after Cecily had eaten her fill.







And on swings:

The girls love swings! In our little prairie town, we had multiple parks within walking distance and so we often would go at least once if not more a day. Here though, it is more of a chore to load up in the truck and go to the park. But, the trees close to our house are still kind of small for a swing if some one bigger sits on it. So innovative Daddy decided that he would make a only small child friendly swing from our apple tree (apples are scarce on it)

the first attempt required a little too much arm strength...

Although Cecily was still impressed and made a valiant effort once it had a knot to hold.

The next one; just right. Both girls can sit on it by themselves and can give each other a push if needed.