I had a list for the first days of this week with most of it happening outside; mow lawn, pick raspberries, collect herbs for drying, clean up dog poop and chicken poop. Just the mundane outside things that need doing. And then on we woke in the night to the sound of thunder which continued for the entire day on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) with a constant down pour. It continued to rain on Wednesday while today is just wet and gray. Anyways, there is a point to this Nova Scotia weather report. The first being that most of my outdoor activities needed to be scrapped and indoor ones to take its place. So Tuesday saw me painting while the girls played or learned how to play without too much yelling.

Stories together which means Aneliese recited from memory:).

Snack time while Mama paints.









By the time the girls had reached their fill of independent play, Daddy was done work so the elder helped him with renovations while the little helped me with some cooking.

Helping Mama make soup on a rainy day.

And an evening that usually includes bouncing on the trampoline or picking raspberries was instead spent playing and reading stories.

Every dreary day must have more reading to fill it!

When we rose the next day to continuing rain, I knew that some more creativity would be required. First we played our Memory Matching game but little sister hasn’t quite figured out how to play that without messing it up and so after a time we decided to move to something different. I haven’t really even attempted to do art since we moved here because it isn’t organized and the girls are usually so happy doing other things. But when I suggested it, Aneliese excitedly told Cecily that we were going to ‘art’ together. And the remainder of the morning was spent contentedly working on our art. This consisted of paper, pencils and some cookie cutters but I think they have missed it.

“Arting Together”

making a masterpiece









Yesterday afternoon was spent trying to find the inspiration to give the house the deep cleaning that it needs while feeling total discouragement in that area. And getting a call that our quarter of grass-fed beef was ready for pick up which meant gladly leaving the house to pick it up.

And then because she wanted them:


Edit: After her nap, we decided that she needed her fringe to be a little thicker….so…

I had a harder time getting these ones straight but decided I better stop before they were at her hairline!










And finally two blissful hours where I turned on some music and cleaned the house, uninterrupted. And that is a post to come. It was just that good.

Now the rain has stopped, order has somewhat been restored and nap time is over for my girls.