The sun is shining on a beautiful morning. The is just a hint of the approaching fall felt in the air. My feet made tracks in the heavy dew as I walked to let the chickens out. There is a bustling, peaceful feel of the morning. Not one of busy or frenzy, but of purpose and the days work; we are surrounded by orchard and farm as well as near to a highway so mornings start early for many. As we move again toward a workable rhythm of life, I take a few moments to pause and quiet in preparation for the day.Two lively fluffy little critters tangle and frolic at my feet (they aren’t supposed to be in the house but one little girl insisted that they get lonely). The contented chatter of two little girls fade as they take an early morning trip with their daddy to¬† the near by saw mill for some needed lumber.
And it is well. Good morning.