It started by Aneliese calling her Grandma Helen asking if she could come and visit that afternoon which resulted in a spur-of-the-moment grandparents visit a week and a half later!

Two little girls watching at the airport.


We went to Murphy's wharf


We read stories


We sang together.


we quilted and reno'd and crafted


We ate out and even had dessert!


We explored our little town


A place where some of the earliest battles of our country were fought are now a wonderful place to play!


We played with Grampa Tom or "old Tom" as Cecily insisted on calling him.


We found a new beach to explore


Where there were perfect rocks for a father son skipping contest


Even I could skip these rocks!


a new perspective


Running to Grandma Helen.






















































Our time together was wonderful and busy. The girls loved every minute with their grandparents (they have never had them to themselves before.). It was fun to show someone our house and to share our plans and dreams. So who wants to come visit next?

Sidenote: Cecily calls Grampa Tom, Old Tom, because of this book Belinda by Pamela Allen. It is so funny now but I can only imagine what it will sound like to others!