He usually is the first to get up and the one who starts breakfast most mornings. How fitting that as the girls and I talked (well, mostly Aneliese and I) about what we should do for Dada’s birthday, the very first thing that Aneliese thought of was that we should give him breakfast in bed. We had recently read The Berenstain Bears and the Mama’s Day Surprise in which Papa bear and the cubs make breakfast in bed for mama; giving Aneliese the idea. I don’t know if he slept but Dan waited patiently while the girls helped prepare his breakfast. We carried his breakfast of blueberry and cream french toast up with candles and Happy Birthday. We all had breakfast together and manage to keep our bed blueberry free.







Aneliese also knows that one of Daddy’s favorite treats is ice cream and after lunch we went for ice cream together while picking up our new-to-us wood stove.

In our family we don’t always do gifts in wrapped form but we like to celebrate each other by sharing in things that we know the birthday person loves or something that they want to do. Dan’s request this year was a campfire by the ocean. So with our friends Mark and Lola, we finished off the day together by the Bay of Fundy with a fire, visiting, splashing in the cold waters and skipping rocks.

I don’t say these things nearly enough and Dan doesn’t always read my blog, but he is truly an amazing man. He gives quietly and continually. He loves his girls (including me) gently and strongly. His desire is to walk his journey in an upright manner that pleases his Father. I am blessed to call him my love. My daughters are blessed to call him their daddy.

Happy Birthday, dear Husband!