When we moved here, our plan was to live/camp out on the future guest house/B&B for a few months while we did some of the work needing to be done on our side. Now almost three months later, we are realizing that we need the grace and humility to step back and say that we aren’t going to be able to do that. With Dan only being able to tuck moments of reno’s in here and there between work and family. Then too, as much as I wish I could jump in there with power tools (scary) ,  looking after two little ones as well as having lifting/mobility restrictions because of how my body is dealing with the growing wee one, it is becoming apparent that the “camp out” will be extended until at least after baby comes. And I am disappointed. Sometimes sorely desiring to pout and occasionally giving in. But I slowly reconciling myself to the reality that it is more than we are able right now.  I am trying to be okay with it and I am getting there.
We have a lot of things that we want to do and like most, our cash flow is limited. And so we are doing most of the work ourselves in the least expensive, most creative ways possible which quite honestly, I think will be beautiful in the end but a lot of work in the mean time. We are doing things like using a lane of a bowling ally for our island, or turning insulators into pendant lights. In the end we will do these things for a fraction of the cost of what new would be, our house will be fun and very ‘us’, but in the mean time it will come slowly.

And these are some of my projects that I am working on here and there. I have others scattered around but these are ones that I have pictures of. Maybe I will re-post with completed pictures…when they are done.

Around here, there is a custom of putting things that one no longer wants by the road for free pick-up, so while this wicker set needs a few minor repairs and updates, it is going to be great on our veranda!

An antique spool bed just waiting for some fun paint...thanks to whoever sanded it prior to getting rid of it.

For Cecily

For Aneliese

This was almost done and then Aneliese thought she would add some paint...thankfully the mirror wasn't in it.

A galvanized tub that will become a laundry sink

assorted mismatched antique silverware just waiting to be degrimed. FYI, it is much cheaper to buy mismatched than a set.