1. A short cozy nap.
  2. A shared cup of tea and chocolate with my love.
  3. Emails between friends during the quiet sleep of babes.
  4. Sisters sharing bits of snack while singing songs and telling stories
  5. Little pink underpants remaining dry on a learning toddler
  6. Chopped vegetables for soup on a rainy day.

    Ham soup in the making

  7. Lovely fruit being turned into dessert while….

    end of summer peaches

  8. Daughters play happily around me.

    Singing into the "microphone" an interesting medley of known and made up songs.









tea time!









9.  A warm sink of  water.                                                                                                          10.The spicy sweet aroma of peach cobbler scenting the air in anticipation of the arrival of husband and daddy, home from work.

Sometimes it is the joy of the everyday or mundane things that are missed. What was your afternoon made of?