This weekend was sad and a bit heavy. We found out on Saturday morning that friend who has been really dear to us finished her battle with cancer in the night. Val encouraged me often in my journey as a wife and mama, especially in the first couple of years when I was finding it a challenge. She loved and encouraged so many young women in the same way. I am so thankful that I took the chance to tell her how she had impacted me while I still could.
Sunday morning brought the news that Dan’s cousin had died the night before; we had only heard late Saturday that he had spinal meningitis. They are a young family too and we are just aching for his wife and little ones right now.

And this day, the 26th, would have been the birthday of our second child. Our little one whose name remains unknown.

We are here and those who are hurting are so far away that our lives really just keep on going although we still grieve and pray. For our baby, the time of mourning has passed and the rawness of loss has been replaced with the ache that will remain until that day when.

Yesterday we went to the ocean; for us the water heals. We unexpectedly saw familiar faces from our little Alberta town. We shared our picnic.

Familiar faces

And we smiled with our girls as they enjoyed the water.



And as our days weave on, we hold those hands a little tighter, savour that hug a little longer, whisper I love you a little more often, offer a passing touch or held look a little more intentionally. And as sleep comes in the night, even though my little oven on my tummy is keeping me warm, I reach out in the darkness, just to know that my beloved is close.