It seemed like a delightful idea; simply take our apple basket and walk across our field to where I could see a tree of wild apples. So we started out.

Aneliese carrying the apple basket; helpful girl.

And the cats join us halfway across the field; how sweet

All together and no, Cecily isn't pulling the cat's tail just petting it.

The tree; seems more of task up close.

The apples; they are disgusting.


























































The tree right across the field wasn’t going to work with mushy and bitter being the description. Still, I had seen another tree just a little ways up the lane way and so we headed there with our little pet menagerie following behind. That tree…had just a few apples left and they were even worse, tart, hard and bug eaten. And then we felt rain drops. And then the cats (still kittens really) ran into the bushes. I can’t chase them. So the girls call “Puff, Puff” and “Puffy” multiple times as it starts to pour. I remember that the laundry is all on the line; but I won’t be making it back. Then we give up on the kittens, after all, it isn’t that far away and they will come back. We hurry down the lane and across the field in 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old fashion, shake off the water, and I pull out the dried peas for some indoor fun. Which are now slowly falling on the floor.

indoor play while drying off.











Did anything go awry in your day; humorously or even…not so humorous?

*Edit* Apparently the kittens were having so much fun in the bush that they didn’t come home so Dan had to go find them. They are home now, safe and sound.