It is a Saturday afternoon but I call it a Jonah Day (an explanation from a childhood friend of mine). Before too long we are headed our first community potluck in our new little community. Dan is washing up the dishes after I made a squash custard with maple syrup and spiced with cardamom and ginger. Sounds amazing (my own recipe;) but is…mediocre. I expect a couple of scoops to be taken. Dan was working on the house and I spent my day feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted; now I am wondering how I am going to manage to socialize with a group of people that I don’t know. Aneliese as to do art so I gave them some wool and a bucket of water and later they cut shapes out of squash puree ‘playdough’. I couldn’t find it in me to be very engaging.
Often, especially lately while the girls are napping, if I need to rest, I spend some time blogging or writing. I even have some things that I am working on; a guest crafting blog, a give-away, thankful reflections from the week, even one titled So You Are Thinking of Moving to the East Coast? Some things to know. But today, I can’t form a coherent thought. So I slipped away to sit in the tub (quietly so that I wouldn’t be joined by two little girls who demand the water much cooler than I like) and then to hide in my room for a few minutes until me and my bad attitude need head out with my sweet family.

Why am I sharing this here? I don’t actually know. But I’ll take suggestions (if gently given) on how to deal with my ‘Jonah Day’.

*EDIT* I didn’t actually post this before we left, but I told myself that I would. Anyways, Dan felt that I would feel better after being with others, it’s annoying when he is right but I do:). And the custard all gotten eaten, with more than one person saying that they really liked it.

So to end with a quote for my red haired Island friend, I am glad that; “tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it.”