Confessions; I really, really enjoy decorating. Renovating not as much, but making things look pretty? Oh yes. But, unless it is a permanent fixture, I will rarely spend money on decorating. I always can think of something better that money could be used for.
And then fall colors, I truly love them. We took a drive up the mountain the other day and I could have looked at the beautiful reds, golds, yellows, oranges and even browns for a long time. I have never lived anywhere that had such vibrant autumn colors before and so right now I am drinking it up.

Anyways, to combine my title, my pleasure in decorating, and my love of autumn color; on a whim this morning, I decided to decorate our main entry. It simple, countryish, and so me. With no money spent on decorating purposes (aside for a 4 dollar grapevine wreath from 4 years ago that see multiple facelifts each year) and the morning enjoyment it brought, I would consider this an hour well spent.

The side entry to what will be our future guest house and where we are living right now.

Virginia Creeper


Pie Pumpkins just waiting to become a kinds of delightful meals!


A welcome gift from some neighbors


Acorns from one of our oak trees (they get their own blog in the next couple of days...I hope).


Ornamental and edible pumpkins and gourds gifted to the girls resting in my multi-purpose egg basket.





























































Granted, I have no idea how long the vines will last since they have no water source and the pumpkins could end up all over since both girls find great pleasure in moving them to random places; but for now I am enjoying the beauty.