for a garbage can. Yes, a garbage can. I woke up this morning to as tidy and clean a kitchen as is possible in this house. And this little white flip top garbage can.
All summer, I have been wanting a garbage can as we have been using plastic bags where the fly swatter hangs. We change it often but the flies still gather. Especially fruit flies. I detest fruit flies.

I even bought a stainless steel one but then looked at my bill and realized it was FIFTY DOLLARS! So I took it back and continued using the plastic bags.

Now this morning, when I flipped open that lid, the delight I felt would seem a little silly to most. But to me, it was a good reminder because as I have mentioned lately I have a hard time being grateful or thankful or counting my blessing (whatever you would like to call it). Not because I don’t have much to be thankful for or that the blessings aren’t there but because I allow the challenges and struggles to have forefront. I don’t wish to ignore those challenges and pretend that they aren’t there; they are real and ignoring them only puts them off for a time. I just don’t want each day to be colored more by them than by the blessings. And so on this Tuesday morning, I am thankful for my kitchen garbage can.