I don’t generally spend much time wondering or caring what others think of my parenting when we are out and about. Usually, I am to occupied with trying to keep track of both girls. However, I had a moment today where I would very much have liked to have known what was going through one woman’s head as she listened to our conversation.
The scenario: a cold, slightly windy morning at the Farmers Market. We had just finished playing at the park and although it was getting warmer, we were all a little chilled but still needed to wait for Dan to finish playing his violin for the day.

The conversation: I had told Aneliese that we could get a hot drink (which she prefers to call a hot beverage)  but then didn’t really feel like walking to a restaurant so asked her if she would rather get something cold at the market. She said that she wanted a hot beverage. So I said “okay, that’s fine, we’ll just go over to the pub for a beverage.” (We have gone before and it is family friendly). As we turn to head that direction, I catch the eye of an older woman who obviously caught my last sentence. And I realized how it must have sounded to hear a very pregnant woman telling her small daughter that they were going to the pub…for a beverage (I had missed hot).  I thought about not saying anything, or about being embarrassed, but instead I laughed and said, “It’s not often you hear some one telling their three year old that they are going to the pub hey.” She laughed so I will just assume that she knew we weren’t actually headed for a pint at 10 in the morning. And each time that I have thought about it today, I get another little chuckle.