Being that Monday was a holiday, being that we wanted apples, and being that holidays are meant to be spent with others; we headed to an orchard with these lovely friends (notice how they play a prominent part in our Nova Scotia life?).
It was a truly perfect day for picking apples. Once we arrived at the orchard, we discovered that it was some what busy as they were having special events, we had the unsprayed heritage apples in mind for our picking pleasure anyways.

Finding the BEST apples!


finding the perfect one (she was going for green)

I think that Cecily only picked the one that she was happy to eat.

Mostly, I am just putting this picture because I like knowing that I don't look quite as massive as I feel most days!

checking out the apple wagon.

taking a break for a family picture!

Sharing secrets on the way back

And they all loved the merry-go-round

No fear, this one.

Dancing while waiting for the wagon to take us around the farm.

You might not know it from this picture but Aneliese was almost beside herself with excitement about getting to ride behind the tractor in the big wagon!