It is Wednesday and yes I am short on sleep. Cecily has her first cold since last February and so most of the night was spent with either her feet in my face and belly or  her fingers in my hair, her whimpering because she couldn’t breath, and the strong smell of onion pervading my sensitive nose.
That isn’t the point of this post though! This is just a little reminder that being that it is Wednesday, this is the last day for our happy little Chickadee Swing give-away  ! Again, it would be easier for me if you would click on the above link and enter on Chickadee Swing FB page, but if you don’t use facebook…feel free to comment here (you can still click the link for details even with out a facebook account). And tell your friends!

And in other Chickadee Swing related news; I think that in a short time, my dear husband will have the website ready for my little online store!