My little online store is very close to being ready to open and I have to say that I think Dan has made it look really good! Although I had my Etsy shop before and now have been using Facebook, what I have really wanted to do was have a little online store of my own. I know that I won’t get the traffic that I was getting with Etsy after having been there for a while so I have been brainstorming with a few ways that I can sort of promote my shop. Which is when I decided to ask you, my dear readers (lots of whom are my friends), a few questions. I would love it if you wouldn’t mind giving your opinions.

  1. I plan to link my shop to my blog of course as I think that is pretty common and makes sense. However, I don’t plan or want my blog to be my place of promoting my stuff and trying to get people to buy from my store. Having said that though, I have been tossing around the idea of over the next months, probably once a month or so, featuring something that I make and writing a little about it. For example, maybe I would write about the birthday banners that I make…why I make them, what they are made from and why they are special. And then I have been considering that perhaps with the feature, I would do a related give-away. As readers of my blog, does that seem like a good idea to you or would that be an annoying promotion of my shop to you?
  2. Because I only have so many readers of my blog, I know that I can only tell so many people about my store. Frankly, I can’t handle a ton of business right now because I only have so much time, but the amount that I was getting from Etsy was about right. Would any of you who have your own blogs be interested/willing in doing a little feature on your blog about my shop in the next few months? Especially, if you have some of things that I have made, I think that would be really great. I’ll just be honest and say that I can’t really offer any incentive other than my gratitude at this point:). I would indeed be grateful though!
  3. Do you have any suggestions as to ways that I could do some promoting without just telling my friends and people who know me the same things that they have heard?

As you may have gathered, this is not something that I feel super confident in. I mean, I am fairly confident in my confident moments that the things that I make are unique and quality made and are worth selling. I am just not so much a salesperson of myself and I don’t want to get on peoples nerves. Again, I would so appreciate your thoughts! So comment away!!

Edit: I am re-posting this because half of the comments are my own:) and I am still hoping (begging:) for some more thoughts/opinions.