They look like poop. At least that is what Cecily says and she would know as she has done that very thing on the floor enough times while potty learning.
We are almost out of crayons so I pulled out my five pounds of wax, did some research and went to it. Melt some beeswax, equal part of soap, add a little color, and pour into the molds. Easy. I had read that glycerin soap would make the crayons harder and less sticky so I found a bar of goats milk glycerin soap that had no color. I grated it up all nice and added it to the pot.

using an old can as my double boiler

It would NOT melt! Little chunks stubbornly refused to be assimilated with the beeswax. Finally I gave up and added some color before transferring it into my ice cube tray mold. I secretly was hoping that it would be transformed while hardening. It didn’t and when Cecily saw them, this is what she had to say, “Look Mama, my poop!”.

Poo Crayons

Coloring with poop. Lovely. For they do actually color and other than the streaks of white soap don’t look too bad. They also smell most strongly of soap. I won’t be defeated though so this week I am going to try again…I will let you know how it goes.

Have you ever tried making crayons, do you have any tips that might make the next attempt a little more successful?

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