Aneliese and I have started reading our first chapter book together. Well, first that is unless you want to count when I tried reading Charlotte’s Web with her and she obsessed for days why Fern’s father was going to kill Wilbur with the axe. Truly, she got so fixated that she still asks about if she see the book and that was almost a year ago! Anyways. I have been waiting to see when she seems ready to start a chapter book with a lot more words and a lot less pictures somewhat impatiently because I admit that I get tired of reading the same books over again even though we have some really great ones.
We have borrowed Winnie the Pooh by A. A. Milne as a complete tale in one hardcover copy. It is a lovely book and as Aneliese and I snuggled together before her Sunday nap both of us were excited to begin. I explained how the chapters worked and showed her how we know when a new chapter is starting; she also enjoyed the attached book mark to remind us where we left off. We also looked at how many chapters that there are and decided that we would read at nap or before bed (mostly because Cecily is too distracted yet to join).

I actually have never read the complete Winnie-the-Pooh so I am also looking forward to having something new to read. It is a good choice for us because while the movie is much less detailed than the book, Aneliese has watched most of it and parts of it more than once which makes it somewhat familiar to her. And before you know it, we will be reading The Five Little Peppers, Little House, and Anne of Green Gables! I can hardly wait!

*Edit* By the time I actually managed to post this, we had made it to chapter five. I feel like it is a little beyond her but maybe she is so silent while I read because she can hardly take in not being able to basically recite the entire book. She does ask questions after we are done the chapter so I think she is picking up some of it.

What books do you suggest as starting chapter books to read with younger children?