They are becoming friends these two, these sweet sisters. We have been noticing recently that they are moving from just happening to play together or playing side by side to asking each other to do specific things. Often more than once a day Aneliese asks Cecily most exuberantly, “Do you want to go bounce on the trampoline?” to which Cecily responds, “yes!”. They pull boots on and run for the door. Glances out the window show two little girls bouncing, rolling and running around as I hear giggles and innocent chatter between them. One glance yesterday saw Aneliese helping Cecily get her too large pants back on, bringing a chuckle. Or one might hear their quiet voices as they tuck their babies into bed in the living room. Or swinging together. Granted, Aneliese is still learning that it works better to ask Cecily to stop doing something rather than yelling and Cecily is beginning to catch on that only she is having fun when she knocks over Aneliese tower or makes a mad dash with whatever Aneliese happens to be playing with. Their personalities are so very different that I am sure that clashes will be inevitable as they grow but I love seeing their pleasure in being together. The sincerity of their, “I’m sorry, (for) give me?”. The tight hug from big sister and the adoring look for little. Sisters. Love.

Intentional odd sock night.


Singing in the rain


Bake me a cake...

holding hands.