This weekend was filled with a random assortment hence the random title. We finally buckled down and dissected our budget; what we make and what we spend. For the first time, the two are a bit distant with the weight being on the spending side. Specifically, while our eating hasn’t changed, the cost of groceries certainly has. So we dissected as we never have before. I mean making lists of what we eat each week down. to. the. cup. And then how much it cost. And then where we could juggle namely taking out the few things that weren’t the most nutritious or that could be replaced with something as nutritious for less. Intense. And then we went grocery shopping. We stayed with in budget. So now lets see how the rest of the month goes and how our winter looks. Oh it was exhausting though and I felt a wee bit foolish as I weighed purchases, calculated, put back, etc. So oddly enough when we arrived home to discover that the crazy storm we had experienced all day had left us without power, it was almost a relief to take an 8:30 bedtime. Our old house could use a little insulation on this side so it was a wee bit chilly which made it easier to snuggle in and sleep. This also renewed our desire to move in to the other side that is more insulated and where our wood stove is being put in before winter and more frequent black-outs come. We are getting closer!
On to the give-away winner! I had said that the unexpected seems to happen. Well, my words were true. First my keyboard quit working, then an unexpected shopping day, and then a power outage. So no draw until now. My little draw helpers are currently napping and so with a little help from a much less cute, the winner is Charisa! Once I have your mailing address, the lonely little duck with be on it’s way to a new home:). Could you email me Charisa?