When he proposed, it wasn’t with this ring, that one was one that he had made from a guitar string. I loved that one too but it did irritate my rather sensitive skin and so now it sits in a ring box in my drawer. This is the one that he gave me a few days later when it was finally ready; once he had decided to ask me he didn’t want to wait:). This one was unique, would be both engagement and wedding ring, and was so very us. Not terribly fancy, not costly, but full of love. I don’t really wear jewelry, especially rings, but I have always loved my wedding ring.
A couple of days ago, I was working with beeswax and didn’t want it to be coated so I took it off. This is pretty common as it has little cracks and crevices that are hard to clean. The difference is that I always put it in a very safe place when I take it off. This time, I think that I placed it on the table, but I can’t remember. Generally, I can go back through days step by step and remember what happened when down to exactly what I was wearing. Not while I am pregnant though, that part of my brain just doesn’t work and I am completely serious. So now my ring is gone. We have looked basically every where (Dan even took the heat duct apart) and we just can not find it. Aneliese never saw it and Cecily’s comprehension is not enough to ask her.

I know that it is just a ring. I know that it doesn’t make me any more married. I know better than to be too attached to “things”. Dan isn’t disappointed or annoyed with me. But I am still sad. Dan spent hours, all over Canada actually, choosing a ring for me and he had to one done special for me. We prayed that we would find it or that I would have a burst of memory and I keep hoping. Until then, my finger feels very bare.

Not long after we became engaged.








Edit: My ring has been missing since Monday and as Dan was just standing talking on the phone, he looked down and saw it laying on the floor! Right by the diaper cans where Cecily had been playing with some coins that she had taken off the table…apparently she got my ring too. I am so thankful right now!