I was doing well with the meal plan until mid-week when I was hit with a nasty flu/cold which turned the next few days to misery of aching head and inflamed joints and saw a great deal of chicken broth being added to the menu as well as a few freezer meals prepped for the arrival of the wee one being pulled out of the freezer. I think that I may be on the up swing and between copious amounts of chicken broth and a lemon-y garlic drink quite similar to this one (I will freely admit that I don’t crush the cloves, I just chew and swallow at the end and if I am feeling really daring, I shake in a little cayenne pepper) I even managed to resist the temptation to ease my misery with over the counter medication. Plus I even painted the kitchen.
On the positive side, the last minute switches to the meal plan made some of this week’s meal plan quicker. I am trying to buy minimal amounts of food for the rest of the month so am needing to get a little bit creative for the next couple of weeks in using what we already have.

If you would like, please link with a meal plan or recipe that you want to make this week.

Weekly Meal Plan:


Breakfast: Slow cooker oatmeal w/ Pear Sauce

Snack: Fruit and Veggie Smoothie (make enough for Pops)

Dinner: Chili and Rice Left Overs

Snack: Cucumbers and Cheese

Supper: Ham, Carrots, Peas, Potatoes


Breakfast: ABC Frittata (Apple, Bacon(maybe sub ham), Cheddar)

Snack: Smoothie Pops

Dinner: Silver Dollars (sub honey for the agave syrup), Tuna and Peppers


Supper: Ham Soup

Note: Thaw & Marinade Deer Steak


Breakfast: Bacon & Soft boiled Eggs w/ Silver Dollars

Snack: Berries & Yogurt

Dinner: Ham Soup Leftover

Snack: Carrot sticks & yogurt dip

Supper: Roasted Squash Pizza with Caramelized Onions & Bacon (w/ quinoa pizza crust)


Breakfast: Quinoa with berries/cream Snack: Apple Slices & Nuts

Dinner: Smoothies and Hard boiled eggs

Snack: Almond Walnut Macaroons

Supper: Ginger Deer Stir fry & Rice (recipe suggestion? I will just sub in deer for beef)


Breakfast: Egg Muffins

Snack: Apple Sauce

Dinner: Ginger Deer left overs

Snack: Popcorn

Supper: Squash Soup with Banana Carrot Muffins


Breakfast: Apple Sauce Pancakes and Eggs

Snack: left over pancakes

Dinner: Ham and Potatoes

Snack: Frozen Berries

Supper: Roast Chicken with Squashed Potatoes and Peas (Add carcass to chicken broth pot)


Breakfast: Slow cooker Oatmeal w/ Pear Sauce

Snack: Popcorn

Dinner: Left over Chicken and Veggies

Snack: Baked Apples

Supper: Soup & Biscuits