One of my favorite materials to decorate with is burlap, I just like the rough, earthy look of it. I have been hauling around some old sacks that the previous owners of our house in BC had left behind and had decided that I was finally going to cut one up only to discover that I am not sure which box they are still packed away in. My heart was kind of set on making up my word in burlap on canvas for the Advent season so I went and bought some burlap (actually it really is jute which is a tighter weave) and have been waiting for a few minutes to put it together. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out as well as how very easy and quick it was to do!

  • Burlap or Jute (finer weave) or whatever other material you would like.
  • Letters (you can free hand or print some off like I did)
  • Mod Podge or a much less expensive DIY Decoupage that I found HERE(Gotta love Pinterest!

    DIY Decoupage

  • Canvas Frames (I used 8X10 dollar store cheapos)
  • Paint Brush or Foam
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

How to:

  • Trace or draw letters onto Burlap.
  • Cut letters out while enlisting any little ones that you may have to spread decoupage on the canvas…it’s kind of like painting.
  • Position letters on the canvas and pat into place.
  • Spread more decoupage over the letters and canvas. Be generous, it will dry clear and you want to make sure that it sticks. (I added a wee bit of diamond dust for a little sparkle after the girls were finished.)
  • Allow to dry and you are ready to decorate!

    Tracing the letters.

    After tracing this I thought that a table runner like this would be fun...maybe a project year.

    Decoupaging helpers!

    More "painting", At some point they both stuck their foams in the jar and dumped at least half of it...good thing it was cheap.

    Joy on Canvas.

The canvas frames were the most expensive component at 1.25 each and so I spent between 5-6 dollars total. We spent about 20 minutes working on it together.

I then did some quick decorating and attempted to take some artsy pictures…Dan said that I did pretty well:).