35 weeks-November 20, 2011

I always feel a little bit strange putting pregnancy pictures of myself up because I never would at any other time; people would just think I was strange or a little stuck on myself. But I like seeing pictures of friends with their little baby bellies. And even though I feel huge and don’t always feel oh so gorgeous…I really actually love the fact that I get to carry a child and for that I am quite proud of my belly with all of its stretch marks and distorted belly button (I admit that one is harder for me). Oh, and I am proud of Dan’s photography even if it is pictures of me:).

Dreaming of baby




Our Nova Scotia baby


Windblown by the sea; appropriate, I think.


Me: Does my belly really look like that? Dan: Yes.

Me: Does it really look like a basket ball? Dan: Yes.












It really was windy and for each picture there is pretty much another one of these:)

My three little ones!