I had completely forgotten about drawing for give-away winners and only had bed and sleep on my mind when I suddenly remembered. I am sure that you have all been waiting impatiently;)! Thank you all for commenting and the winners are:
Amy B: “first time visiting your blog and these are lovely! love the bird in blue!”

Jamie: “I think your hair clips are the most darling that I’ve seen anywhere! I never see them without wanting to buy them. :) Let’s see, if I won, I think I would want red.”

Jamie, I have your address but Amy B, if you could email me with yours that would be great. chickadeeswing (at) gmail (dot) com. They will be in the mail some time this week!

And a couple of glimpses of our full weekend…the parts that have pictures.

Sitting together at Farmers Market for a very long time. Here they are waiting for Daddy to play his violin while caring for their babies...not bears...babies.


The Christmas fiddler; the girls went between dancing with him to hanging out at our table.


Market table with Lola


The last candle lighting of Advent Hope; a very tired mama layed on the couch while we did our advent after the market.








































The girls were amazing. They spent six hours while Dan fiddled and I worked at my table either dancing and sitting with Dan or playing quietly at our table with a brief nap?! later in the day.