Thank you all for your kind words and wishes! My wee Kathleen is a week old today. We paid a little visit to our nurse practicioner for the one week check up and Kathleen is doing beautifully. She is back to just a smidge off of her birth weight and received multiple compliments on how nicely plump she is;). She has the eating thing down and has succeeded where her sisters failed in that she can pretty much empty one side during some feedings already. That makes me hopeful that I won’t be painfully full for quite as long this time! She is already working on smiles and we all think that she is oh so cute. She pretty much has her two big sisters wrapped around her little finger, they love her so. I am getting the impression that once I am able, my ergo is going to see a great deal of use again as she likes to be cuddled close.
I am feeling rested and so good. I can actually walk without worrying about falling; my hips don’t hurt at all. Of course I have healing to do from the c-section but I am not needing pain relief much at all. Now the job will be convincing myself to continue to rest and heal because I am ready to get up and at ‘er even though I know that if I do so that I will pay for it. My feeling so much better also makes Dan’s life much easier even though it will be a while before everything is back to normal.

The girls are adjusting well for the most part. Aneliese is like her mama in that change, even good change, is very difficult for her and so she has been having some struggles especially at night but with lots of love and patience, I think we are getting through it. Cecily’s demonstration is to be even more mischievous than ever and we need to be mindful that we don’t let her slip through the cracks with care and attention. She also needs watching because she believes that she is fully capable of getting Kathleen out of her bed and other such things.

A few moments from the first week:

Going home!

First day at home

Tired Daddy

So happy!


Cecily loves holding her baby.

so sweet

soaking up some sun during some rare moments in her basket

cuddles while Daddy gets some work done

so sweet and snuggled in.