My blog has been quiet lately, a reflection of the drawing inward nature of the past weeks. Mostly I have just wanted to enjoy the days with Dan and my girls. And to spend many moments cuddling wee Kathleen whose days of tiny will pass so quickly. Not to mention that the addition of a baby has brought about a much more overt need of hugs, attention, and thoughtful parenting for Aneliese and Cecily. That takes up much of the day and then I am so ready for sleep that I can hardly form a sentence. I just keep thinking how privileged I am to be able to provide that for them even though in the challenging times (especially in the night), I forget to be thankful.
The Christmas days:

The Christmas surprises!

Christmas with Jeff and Jenny!

Christmas stocking

what's in there??

Excitment over a maple candy

more excitement over new socks.

happiness over Glee Gum!

Cecily felt that Kathleen needed to hold her gifts (the wooden ring and bubble bath).

Dress up!

We filled an old suitcase with hats, wings, and silk scarve

lots of family phone calls

Lighting the Advent candles

Building a snow fort